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Episode 187 - she's just getting started podcast

Ep 187: How to deal with UNCERTAINTY in your business

May 18, 2023


In today’s episode, I talk with you about UNCERTAINTY. So many of you are paralyzed by fear & are scared to move forward because of the level of uncertainty that you have to deal with. Today I share 4 ways to cope with uncertainty so you can move forward & ACTUALLY build your business dream.

First of all, I want you to realize that LIFE IS UNCERTAIN. You have ALREADY been dealing with uncertainty EVERY SINGLE DAY. And no, it doesn’t paralyze you from living life - you move forward daily ANYWAYS.

Secondly: there are people that have gone before you. There are business owners that have paved the way for you & share a proven path for you to follow. (And yes, you guessed it, I’m one of those people.) So, the great thing is that you have proven steps that will help give you MORE certainty in this venture.

Third: you simply need to focus on the NEXT BEST STEP. So many of you get caught up in the minutia of 10 steps ahead INSTEAD of focusing on a SMART next step before you. Stop getting caught up in the issues that will come later - be smart about the next hurdle in front of you. This will help bring certainty instead of stressing about future steps. Focus on your next right steps.

Fourth: focus on building a BRAND vs just another business. What you are creating is SPECIAL….it’s DIFFERENT…and to discount that by just trying to “make money quickly” vs actually building a brand that is filled with loyal followers (who will follow you anywhere.) Remember that if you build an audience of your right people, you can always offer various products/services that would love to buy…but if you just start in a way that is just another business, then you just get lost in the noise. I share more about this in this episode :)

I hope you will take this episode to heart & realize that everything in your life is uncertain, but you are always taking smart steps to eliminate the anxiety of uncertainty. You have to move forward anyways - AND YOU WILL and I’m so excited for you!




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