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Ep 199 of the She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 199: Stop doing all the things just because you can.

Aug 10, 2023

 So many new business owners run themselves ragged & are all over the place because they choose to do everything for everyone - BECAUSE they can. They aren't actually doing things that are SMART for their business.

Today I go over some things these struggling new business owners are doing - and you can determine if you are falling into this trap too:

1 - Are you bending over backward for new customers from a desperate/needy/people-pleasing place in your body? Are you agreeing to do extra things because you want to please them & want to get the sale, vs making an actual SMART decision for your business? Is it what they really need? Is this scalable - can you really keep doing this? Ask yourself these questions asap to see if this is you.

2 - Are you adding too many options, patterns, styles, variations, etc? The big mistake many product sellers do is buy WAYYYYY to many products to sell or create too many options. Likewise, the big mistake service business owners make is they offer too many options or offerings, instead of 1 simple offer.

3 - Are you throwing money at every problem you have? Are you feeling like some of the money has been wasted or you aren't getting the benefit of what you spent money on? For example, re you paying high prices for logo work or website work - when you may not need all of that right now. Are you trying to throw money at Facebook Ads when you don't really know anything about running ads? (This is a quick way to burn money, FYI LOL.)

Today, I want you to think through what you are doing simply because you can - and realize that it's actually causing you to waste MORE MONEY & TIME on things that you DO NOT NEED TO BE DOING RIGHT NOW. 

Listen to the episode for more stories & help so you can build an EFFICIENT & PROFITABLE business right now! 




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