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Ep 201 She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 201: 3 Reasons your marketing isn't working ....

Aug 24, 2023

Today is a power-packed episode sharing 3 reasons why your marketing isn't working. It's no secret that most new business owners struggle with marketing - so listen up so you can give yourself some grace, but also figure out what to do going forward! 

Here are the 3 main points I cover in this episode - and hope this not only helps you GIVE YOURSELF GRACE as you start marketing, but helps you see what you need to do in order to get better at marketing your products, services & programs.

1 - You're new to business. Oh yes, many of you are brand new to this whole business world! Maybe you have a nurse, teacher, engineer, stay-at-home Mom, worked in non-profits & more. OF COURSE you wouldn't be AMAZING at marketing yet...you haven't had time to develop your SKILL of marketing. Oh yes, it's a skill - its a muscle - its something that is learned. HOWEVER, you already have it in you - so know it's there & you'll get there!

2 - Many of you aren't ACTUALLY marketing at all. You are scared. You don't want to feel awkward. You don't want to come off salesy. I get it - ME EITHER. But if you aren't actually putting yourself out there, then you're not learning and you can't get better. You have to start actually marketing your products, services & programs and show up in a way that feels comfortable to you.

3 - You don't ACTUALLY have a marketing plan. You don't - you think you do, but you actually don't. (Sayng you post on social on Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays, is not a comprehensive marketing plan. Its a social media schedule LOL.)  Many new business owners don't really understand the fundamentals of a marketing strategy/plan - and so what they are doing is not cohesive & simple & clear. AND by not having it, many new owners are saying all kinds of things in all kinds of ways - and the consumers are CONFUSED. And we all know, when you confuse, you LOSE.

With that, know that you can get better. And that you actually are a GENIUS at marketing your business now when it's YOUR WAY. That's the problem - you aren't doing it YOUR WAY. But you have to take time to ACTUALLY DEVELOP your custom marketing strategy.
.....and guess what? This is exactly what we do in Grow-Getters! I help you develop your WINNING marketing strategy that is actually FUN for you so you can confidently effectively put yourself out there to EASILY generate consistent new leads & sales!
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