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EPISODE 35: 5 Mistakes I see new online business owners make!

Jun 18, 2020

Are you just starting your business? Are you building a business online? Then you need to hear these 5 mistakes that many new online business owners make - that you can learn from, AND NOT MAKE!

1. Don't spend too much money on the website & the graphics in the very beginning. What many new owners don't realize is that many of you will change things or change your offer or change your platform - so that money you spent could be for not. You can find website building platforms like Squarespace and Wix and others that are inexpensive to get going - and you can even pay someone to help you.  Just don't go overboard right because things will evolve. My advice is to let your business start going and make sure you are solid on your product/service offerings and you LOVE the platform you are on before you spend a ton on a graphic designer or really customizing your site and getting all the bells & whistles. You can invest in that later. 

2. Don't believe that by simply building it they will come.  Just because you have a website or an Etsy store doesn't mean people will buy right off the bat. You have to get known.  Your business will need to be visible - and marketed in many ways.

3. Don't put your business in someone else's hands. Getting followers on Instagram and Facebook but never capturing the client/customer email addresses is a scary thing. You need control over your client base because Insta/FB can change their algorithms tomorrow and you will have lost your means of contacting followers/customers again. Big mistake. Make sure you have a way that you capture their email address.  (This is something we will dig into in the Academy.)

4. Stop watching what everyone else is doing.  Many go down a path not best for you and this business. You can get so easily swayed and start feeling less than as you build your business. You see them making hundreds of thousands - and even millions - and flying private jets, etc. Believe me, all business owners are not making a ton right away. It's normal to have a slow ramp and don't let social media make you believe you aren't doing the right things. Sometimes it can all make you feel like a failure. Also, many are getting distracted and not going in the right business direction for them.  AND, many new owners are wasting so much time on Insta/FB during the days and not focusing on ways to actually make money right now.

5. Leverage your God-given gifts.  Many are focusing on things they are not best at or they don't feel passionate about.  And, I have to ask: if you are not leveraging YOU, then what are you leveraging? What makes your business special and unique is YOU. Make sure what you do best is standing out and being seen - and shared with the world :)


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