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It's one thing to SAY you want to start & build a business doing what you love.....



But it's another thing to actually make it happen

  • 50% of new businesses fail with the first 5 years, according to statistics

  • It's confusing trying to figure out all the steps & things you need to do in order to set yourself up for success

  • It's overwhelming trying to figure out what you should focus on how to start making money as soon as possible
  • It's hard work transforming what you love into a money-making business 
Hi, I'm Kimberly

I started & ran my own gift boutiques for almost 20 years.

It wasn't easy.

There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. I learned the true meaning of building businesses from the ground up. 

But, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. 


Now I help others like you build profitable, sustainable & personally fulfilling businesses too♥︎



I help new business owners in these stages:

Idea Stage

Starting Stage

Early Growth Stage

Aren't you ready to take out the guesswork of starting & building a business and finally know what the heck you should be doing to set yourself up for success? 

Introducing my new.....


She's Just Getting Started™

Business Academy


👉This Academy is for you if you want to finally understand all the steps to starting a business doing what you love - and set yourself up for success.


But it's not for everyone.

Here's how to tell if it's for you:

  • You simply want to make money doing what you love
  • You are just starting your business or in the idea stage trying to nail this down
  • You want to know step-by-step what you should be doing to start your business and create a solid foundation for branding, marketing & everything to come
  • You want to make a positive difference in this world through your business
  • You want to start making money consistently


It's time to get your business going properly so you can make money doing what you love. 



♦︎24/7 Access to all of Kimberly's workshops & trainings to learn how to create a solid business foundation & how to get everything going properly

♦︎24/7 Access to a private community portal to ask Kimberly & the community questions anytime

♦︎1x1 Personal coaching with focussed attention on your & your business when you need it most  - yes, you finally have Kimberly to talk to LIVE! (if you choose this option)



Here's some of the workshops you can binge:

If you haven't nailed down your business idea, this one is for you

  • MODULE 1: Understand yourself so you can become an effective business owner
  • MODULE 2: Discover creative ways you would enjoy making money
  • MODULE 3: How to research & validate your idea to make sure it's a good one & will make money!

How to create your business & brand foundational plan

  • Create a clear & solid business foundation
  • Define your 7 business pillars & what your business is about
  • Create your 1-page business canvas so you have a big-picture plan for your business

How to create an effective website

  • Learn the core pages you need
  • Learn how to word the home page and what wording you actually need
  • Learn how to make it user friendly 

How to build your email list

  • Learn how to get started with email marketing
  • Learn about lead magnets & how to create an attractive one
  • Learn ways to get more subscribers

How to gain visibility & sell

  • Learn the 3 main methods for gaining visibility 
  • Learn how to create your visibility plan
  • Define what methods you feel most comfortable utlizing

How to leverage social media marketing

  • Get clear about what social media will & will not afford you
  • Learn how to grow your business through social channels
  • Gather a plan for how you will present yourself on social

How to manage your time

  • Whether this is a side-hustle or full time, learn how to schedule your work hours
  • Learn what things are most important to be doing
  • Create a plan for how you will manage the things that need to get done & what to oursource if need be

PLUS, you finally have personal help!

  • 24/7 Access to the private community portal
  • You finally have a way to ask questions & get feedback on your business, website, strategies & more
  • And if you choose the personal coaching option, yes you get to meet with Kimberly over Zoom and work on your business with her!

Want to see inside?


Choose what works best for you:

Academy Membership


Lowest Rate

  • 1-month all-access, renews monthly
  • 24/7 Access to all self-paced courses & masterclasses 
  • 24/7 Access to private community portal to ask Kimberly your burning business questions anytime
  • FUN BONUS: easy access to all the podcast episode printables
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3-Months Academy Membership + Coaching


*Saves $93

  • 3-months all-access + 1-hour coaching,  renews every 3 months
  • 24/7 Access to all self-paced courses & masterclasses
  • 24/7 Access to private community portal to ask Kimberly your burning business questions anytime
  • FUN BONUS: easy access to all the podcast episode printables
  • One 60-minute 1x1 private session with Kimberly over Zoom to work on your new business ($199/hr if booked separately.)
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Power Hour Only


Most personal help

  • 1 hour personal coaching with Kimberly over Zoom
  • Knock out all your burning questions & even have Kimberly review anything you are doing now to make sure you are on the right track
  • Gain clear direction for what to do next - even if you are still trying to nail your business idea, just starting your business or are in the early growth stages
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Here's some examples of new business owners I've helped:

  • social media manager
  • clothing & jewelry boutique owner
  • jewelry designer
  • organic skincare manufacturer
  • gift business owner
  • photographer
  • home decorator
  • furniture refinisher
  • online gift store owner
  • fitness instructor
  • bird-watching enthusiast - oh yes!
  • plus so many more!

♥︎Yes, you too can make money doing what you love.

Results from Lena Moser

".... Kimberly demystifies the 'how' and provides a clear, step-by-step approach ... Beyond that, Kimberly is simply an amazing person. She truly cares about helping women succeed, and she will go the extra mile to help you. Her 1x1 coaching sessions are phenomenal, and her online academy really gets you going! Working with Kimberly has been nothing short of extraordinary!"

Results from Amy McCauley

".... I was able to see things in a different light…things that just sound fun but most likely don’t suit my goals and/or personality/desires. I hope if you are beginning to dream of a new endeavor that you seriously give this program a go. Kimberly shoots straight, is fun to learn from and has the experience and professional success to back it all up." 

Results from Sarah Hilton

"I feel so empowered and ready to make serious strides in my business. Light bulbs went off many times throughout the program making it easier for me to really hone in on what my focus should be and where I need to put more of my attention. I am excited to keep working with Kimberly..."

100% Money-Back Guarantee


After learning and implementing the methods I teach in the Academy or while being on the calls, if you aren't completely satisfied, I will refund you the purchase price of your membership. 



Aren't you ready to make money doing what you love & get your business going already? 

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