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Ep 130: Should you quit your job when starting your business?

Apr 14, 2022

So many new business owners struggle with the big decision of whether to quit their full time job or not. If this is you, then today's episode should be super helpful as  I talk you through 5 big questions to ponder so that you can finally make your decision!

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Today I share many stories & tips to help you but to give you the summary of the 5 big questions to ask yourself, here they are:

1. How miserable are you at your current job? On a 1-5 scale, is it a 5, the highest or 1 the lowest? This question needs to be answered first as it will really direct what steps you should take next. You also can set a date for when to quit your job - this will give you the drive to get it done asap.

2. Can I pay the bills if I don't have money from my job coming in for a while as I start the business? Do I have savings that can help subsidize this dream of mine? Do the math. 

3. Do I know that this business idea is a good one that is worthy of me quitting my job? If you do not know this, it's time you figure it out. And if you don't know how to work through your ideas & narrow down to a good one through a validation process, then start working on this Best Business Idea Workshop HERE. Then you'll feel confident in your idea and KNOW it's a good one!

4. What all do I need to be doing to get my business going, and could I start working on those now on the side before I quit my job? This is super important to map out everything you need to have established & set up. If you don't know what all you need to be doing, I highly recommend you create your Business Plan Here - I have a workshop that helps you map this out & by the end you'll have the big picture for turning your vision into an actual business!

5. Then finally, what support do you have to get you going? Do you have someone that can help you now & speed this up so you aren't wasting tons of hours researching when you are already busy with your job? Make sure you utilize all your free resources like podcasts (like this one, yay!), books, learning online, FB Groups (like ours HERE - yay!) and even through hiring a coach. You know I offer 1x1 coaching & a group coaching program to help new business owners like you, right? If not, make sure you check out your options HERE as getting help will be one of the best things you ever do to fast track your progress & success! 

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