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Ep 9: Old School Business Principles that WORK with Michelle Stinson

Dec 19, 2019

You can't afford to miss this episode! I have on the show today Michelle Stinson, Owner of Impression Edge out of Lakeway, Texas. She gives us some FANTASTIC information- pretty much a wake-up call for all of us! Yes, you can build a business the old fashioned way: through networking, hard work & taking care of your customers. How does she know? Because she took her business from $0 to multi-million dollar business - and you can too! 

Impression Edge sells promotional products to other businesses. What are promotional products? They are any type of items that has a company's branding or identity on it. It could be anything from t-shirts to pens to snow-globes to tote bags. It's a super fun industry - but also competitive. They sell to all kinds of companies around the globe including casinos, tech companies, and more! Michelle & her team have built their business on solid customer relationships and I'm so excited for you to hear all she has done!

She explains how she went from teacher, to saleswoman in the corporate world to building a multi-million dollar business! Her husband Charles Stinson was able to quit his career in sales to join Impression Edge - and together they have built it into what it is today.

You need to take a few minutes and read through this great list of insights Michelle gave us - as I know they can be useful for your journey. After all, she was able to turn Impression Edge into a multi-7 figure business!

Here are Michelle's valuable tips you can't afford to undervalue in your business!

1. Do your research & talk with mentors prior to quitting your 9-5 job. You need to make sure it is a calculated risk - and not just going on blind faith that it will succeed.

2. Get a business consultant, and no, it doesn't have to be super expensive. It will get you going so much faster - and ensures you start it right! This was a crucial piece for her - and it got her business up and running. (Which is exactly why I provide consulting/coaching services for those starting their home-based businesses. I can help you narrow down the best business for you, guide you along the process of actually getting it started! And, if you currently run a business, I can gladly audit what you are doing now to see if there is room for more revenue, profits & ways to save you time! Click to read more about my business consulting services.)

3. Allow your business to evolve. She focussed initially on a single product offering to a niche group of customers - and thus learned the ropes of business. She saw an immediate trend, those Livestrong bracelets, and helped schools/non-profits use their own brands and wording to make similar bracelets. (I actually talked about this topic of starting with a simple product or service to get your business rolling: Episode 4: Rethink Your Lemonade Stand.)

4. Networking works. She networked with other groups of local entrepreneurs. She would meet once a week with other women in Austin to help each other brainstorm together but also recommend each other to other clients.

5. Join your Chamber Of Commerce. Michelle HIGHLY recommends this as she was able to learn so much about her community, attend luncheons, network and more.

6. In the early stages of your business, you may need to ask your first client to take a chance on. Michelle did this - and it was the best thing she ever did! And 15 years later, she still has this client and adores them! Consider doing this too when you start your business.

7. Work hard. Michelle believes very strongly that her work ethic has been a big part of her success.

8. Focus on the client relationship. She tells us how important it has been for her to take care of customers - which is what keeps them coming back. She feels like her clients are family..unlike many other businesses like her that just churn and burn through clients. And through taking care of her customers, she has found true personal fulfillment!



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