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Ep 113: 3 Ways you might be self-sabotaging your own business.

Dec 16, 2021

Have you ever thought you suffer from self-sabotage? Do you feel you sabotage your own business? Well, if you do this, you're not alone. And...some of you do it without even realizing it.

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Here's 3 ways to stop self-sabotaging your business:

1 - Focus on what's important & why you're doing this. Many waste time & energy thinking up why they are not good enough, they compare themselves to others, and they overthink every single step. This is self-sabotaging behavior and you have to stop doing this. 


2 - Put yourself out there regularly. So many build their beautiful businesses and think that is enough to bring in buyers. Not true. You have to show up regularly, tell people regularly, and get the word out. Or you won't have clients & customers - and you won't have a business.


3 - Get feedback & opinions on what you are doing. So many new owners don't ask for testimonials or feedback or thoughts from clients on how their products/services are. They also don't seek help from mentors or coaches or get guidance to help them be more efficient. That is why I do what I do - to prevent new business owners from flailing around or not reaching their business potential. Instead of having multi-6-figure businesses, what if I could have had $1million in sales each year? Could have been had I reached out for help. I thought I could do everything myself.


Please don't be the reason your business flails around or is hurting or just flatlines. You need to make sure you're doing the 3 things above so you can build a successful & AWESOME business :)  

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