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Episode 138 of the She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 138: 3 Big Marketing mistakes many new business owners make - and how NOT to make them too!

Jun 09, 2022

In today's episode, I share 3 big marketing mistakes many new business owners make. And, of course, I don't want you to make them too - so listen up, this is for you!

Here's the deal: marketing can be scary for new business owners. Many are not confident and feel weird showing up around town or online, they simply feel slimy & weird. What they don't realize is that so many consumers would LOVE what they offer so it behooves them to get out and confidently SHARE IT!

Here's the 3 things I'm seeing:

1 - Some new business owners just make products THEY want to make vs doing the research/validation ahead of time to make sure its actually a good idea. It is always best to talk to others and validate your product/service you want to offer BEFORE you actually spend the time, energy & money to make it. If you need help doing this, check out my Best Business Idea Workshop so you can start figuring out the best idea for YOU that will make you money!

2. Some new business owners have a great product, but they are simply not in front of the people who want to buy it. I give some examples to bring this point home. You have to make sure you are INTENTIONAL about how and who you get in front of...as having the right audience makes all the difference. If you are about to open your business or have just opened and realize you don't have the audience size you need, then check out Grow-Getters, as this is exactly what we work on every day!

3. Some new business owners have a good product, are in front of the right people, but they are sharing it in a way that is NOT clear to their audience. Their people simply don't understand WHY they really need that product/service. Their people don't understand the VALUE of what they offer. That is why it is IMPERATIVE you are always sharing the results & value of what you offer. If you are having trouble confidently & clearly communicating your offer, check out Grow-Getters as I teach you how to craft the words & messaging that will surely make your customers want to buy!


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