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She's Just Getting Started - Episode 75 - How to save your new business

Ep 75: How to save your business because no one else is coming to save your business (sorry to tell you...)

Mar 25, 2021

In today's episode, I share some hard truths. Yes, this one is a wake-up call for you ...to realize that you are in charge of this business, and no one is going to be coming to rescue and save you from this process of starting and growing your business. You have to do it yourself.

And let me say this first of all: I believe you have to take charge of your business, but God is ultimately in control.  I believe you can and should be praying for your business, for wisdom, discernment, clients, growth, etc.  But this episode is about how YOU can be proactive and take initiative. Which for you may mean praying and taking smart steps and being brave, etc.   Some businesss owners expect their businesses to build themselves. And many need to realize that you are in charge - you have to make things happen because no one person is coming to build your business for you. And yes, God is by your side the whole way! 

We have all seen the shows like American Idol and the Voice where people are picked out of a crowd and shot straight to success and stardom.

Today I share that this is not going to happen to you. The only way to build success for yourself and your business is to take it on yourself. YES, you have to save yourself and your business.

Here's 4 steps for moving forward and make sure that you accomplish what you have set out to do:

1. Assess what you have NOT been doing. We usually sit there and talk about all the things that we are doing and they aren't working. But ask yourself today: "what haven't I been doing to start & grow this business?" "Have I reached out for help?" All new business owners need advice, help & guidance. PLUS, you need community with others going through the same thing. (Hint: The Just Start Academy is here for you to provide you with all of that!)


2. Realize that you have to create your own opportunities by being PROACTIVE instead of being REACTIVE. Yes, you have a million things going on. But so many of us just sit in that zone of reaction, vs actually setting out a plan for your days, weeks and months.


3. Surround yourself with people who are motivated and pursuing their dreams too. They will motivate you and make you better. You already know some people in your life that are not motivated and reactive and really don't make efforts to make progress in their life. BUT, you are. You are trying to further yourself and live your true potential. And your dream of running your own business is possible for you - but make sure you have people around you that are driven too. JOIN MY FB group to be surrounded by other new business owners going through what you're going through!


4. Work with what you have.  Quit stalling by trying to make everything perfect and have every bell and whistle. The most important thing you can do is get your product or service created and then start sharing it with the world.    A gorgeous website won't sell itself - or the best product won't sell itself either. The biggest thing you can be doing is getting the word out about your business so you can get your first sales, first testimonials and feedback for how to make it better. Then in the background, you can be working on the fancy website and all the bells and whistles :).


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