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EPISODE 38: It's your time to come out of the CLOSET - your business closet that is!



Yes, it's your time to finally come out of the closet - your BUSINESS closet that is! No more hiding behind things in your business...it's time to face the facts of your business and be YOU!

In this fun episode, I also shared some links  - and here they are as promised!

Episode 37 - Stop Complicating things - 3 Ways to simplify your online business!
Quickbooks Online - Yes, my favorite tool for keeping track of books.
Capital One credit cards & bank - I have been very happy & love the point on the Capital one CC!
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Other important software I use:

Kajabi - Yes, it's awesome, I just migrated to it and it has completely simplified the way I run my ENTIRE business in one platform - coaching, workshops, email marketing, etc. - I couldn't be happier! ❤️ You can get a free Kajabi 28-day trial here if you want to try it for yourself  - it is a 14-day trial if you go through their website. :)

Canva - Yes, the best graphics tool out there for everyday graphics and design for your online business! I LOVE IT! SERIOUSLY!

*Please know that I may be using affiliate links. You do not have to use my links of course :)  But when you do, it helps support this podcast as I do not run audio ads on the episodes - and try to bring a streamlined user experience :)  You are never charged any more by using my links - its the same or less :) YAY! Thank you for listening & for your support!

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