Episode 41: 5 Things You MUST Be Doing in Your Business RIGHT NOW!


I today's episode, I share 5 things you must be leveraging in your business right now! I hope you will listen because these are imperative to be gaining momentum in your business today.


DOWNLOAD HERE the 5 things you need to be leveraging now - FREE GUIDE!

Book: Atomic Habits - awesome! I have the audiobook & physical book - it will change your thinking!

Just Starting your Email List?: Listen to Episode 40 sharing 3 things to help you build your email list effectively!

New business owner - or dreaming of starting yours?

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Episode 40: 3 Truths about starting your email list - and building it!


Are you just starting & building your email list? Just trying to get your email list going? Yes, it can be hard in the beginning. But please know - this is one of the best business assets you have! Today I share 3 hard truths about starting & building your email list and what you need to be doing!

Referenced in this episode:

Email apps when you are just getting started:
Flodesk - MY FAVORITE! Gorgeous templates love their style, easy to use! You get 50% off your subscription when you use my link here so instead of $39 a month, it's only $19!
Mailchimp - free in beginning!
Mailerlite - free in the beginning

I currently use an all-in-one program for my website, workshops, email list, landing pages, etc - and it is KAJABI. I absolutely love it - it is expensive...but it has simplified my whole business and saved me HOURS each week trying to work between multiple software apps. Kajabi has been a life-saver! Here is a 28-day trial so you can test it out! (Their website only...

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Episode 39: The SMELL Test - 3 questions to ask yourself before buying into a costly program online. BUYER BEWARE!



We are all being marketed to every day, everywhere. And as an online business owner, do you realize YOU are being marketed to as well? And are all of these programs and memberships and high-end workshops pulling at you...making you want to join too?

BUYER BEWARE: Stop before you buy and consider these 3 important questions BEFORE spending your hard-earned money and joining a costly program...make sure it's a FIT. I can tell you from personal experience: SOME are not worth the money!

New business owner - or dreaming of starting yours?

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EPISODE 38: It's your time to come out of the CLOSET - your business closet that is!



Yes, it's your time to finally come out of the closet - your BUSINESS closet that is! No more hiding behind things in your business...it's time to face the facts of your business and be YOU!

In this fun episode, I also shared some links  - and here they are as promised!

Episode 37 - Stop Complicating things - 3 Ways to simplify your online business!
Quickbooks Online - Yes, my favorite tool for keeping track of books.
Capital One credit cards & bank - I have been very happy & love the point on the Capital one CC!

New business owner - or dreaming of starting yours?

Other important software I use:


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EPISODE 37: Stop complicating your business - 3 ways to SIMPLIFY it!


It's time to simplify your business! Whether you are just starting, been in business a while, or just dreaming of starting your online business, you need to make sure it is SIMPLE and LEAN!

In this episode, I share 3 ways you can simplify your business in general so that you don't let your business overtake your life. After all, you want to have your business fit into your LIFE  - not have your life fit into your business, right?

I mentioned EPISODE 20 where I share how you can time-block and make your work hours super productive! Listen Here!

I also mentioned that I use KAJABI and how it has saved me SO MUCH TIME! I literally can not tell you how much it has simplified my every day...my website....my workshops ...my emails - EVERYTHING! If you are considering offering your own digital product or course or membership - you can get a Kajabi 28 day trial here  (and full disclosure, it is an affiliate link. You can also go through their website directly and get a...

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EPISODE 36: 3 BIG reasons why many are not acting confident about their business.

In today's episode, I discuss how you share your business with others - and how you want to feel confident & proud of what you are doing - right? But I meet so many that talk about their business and don't seem totally proud of it.  Many of you find yourselves hesitating when talking about it or sharing it with others - for a number of reasons.

Today I delve into 3 big reasons why some business owners aren't fully proud of their business and how you can overcome those.

After all, you should be proud of what you have created. You should be proud of this awesome business and everything you have put into it! And yes, you should be proud of how you can better people's lives!

I hope you will listen today and think this through and how you can make sure you can confidently speak about your business and share it with others!

New business owner - or dreaming of starting yours?

  • 16-steps to get your business started CLICK HERE
  • Trying to figure out your BEST BUSINESS...
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EPISODE 35: 5 Mistakes I see new online business owners make!

Are you just starting your business? Are you building a business online? Then you need to hear these 5 mistakes that many new online business owners make - that you can learn from, AND NOT MAKE!

New business owner - or dreaming of starting yours?

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EPISODE 34: Your scarcity vs. abundance mindset. + how its affecting your business!


Have you ever thought about whether you have a scarcity or abundance mindset when it comes to your business? Are you operating out of fear or optimism? I had never really thought this through and realized that sometimes I even was working with a scarcity mindset...and I want to turn that into a mindset of abundance!

So what is a scarcity mindset? It is a way of living in fear. It’s fear of your business failing. Fear the market is saturated. Fear that you won’t make money. Fear that you don’t have what it takes to build a thriving business. Fear of the way you love. Fear that you don’t know enough. Fear of taking any risks.

As you can see, this is stifling you. This is slowing you down. This is doing you NO GOOD.

What would an abundant mindset look like? Feeling secure in who you are. Realizing there is enough to go around. Keep focussed on your mission. Realizing that you have something special that only YOU can offer the world.

I give you 5 tips...

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EPISODE 33: 1st Steps to creating a digital product or online course!


Are you looking to create your first course or digital product? But, are you confused about where to even begin?

Get the FIRST STEPS TO CREATING YOUR COURSE to start working through your course ideas!

This episode gives you those very early, beginning steps to thinking through what you could offer. There has never been a better time than now to get your very own course online and selling!

Here are the 3 first steps you need to take:

  1. Figure out the direction of your course - the topic, the problem you are solving & your target market.

  2. Outline your course - what is the order you want to teach it in?

  3. Think through how you want to deliver it? Videos? E-Book? Worksheets?

There is so much money to be made in sharing your knowledge with the world and am so excited you are starting this journey!


New business owner - or dreaming of starting yours?

  • 16-steps to get your business started CLICK HERE
  • Trying to figure out your BEST BUSINESS IDEA? ...
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EPISODE 32: Perfectionism could be killing your vibe - and your online business.


Are you one of those business owners trying to create the perfect program, products, website, digital products, or whatever it is you are offering? If so...take heed, it could be causing you and business precious customers, time & money. 

Yes, perfectionism could be killing your vibe and hurting your business & money?

GET FREE helpful tools for your business HERE! 

ATTN LADIES: Join my private Facebook group for women - we're building businesses we love too!

 Trying to figure out the best business idea for YOU? WORKSHOP HERE->

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