A target marketing lesson made obvious by a Peleton in the hotel gym.



Yes, the Peloton bike in the gym at a Westin made a very clear business lesson for all of us. It was obvious how no brand can be for everyone. You must be speaking to YOUR PEOPLE, the people who will most likely buy what you are offering.

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So this is what happened:

I went to workout in the gym at a Westin hotel in Houston. (I had previously been in Chicago at a Westin and they had 4 Peloton bikes in the gym, and that is where I first rode on one. I loved it and was hooked!)

So when I went to the gym that morning, I was shocked seeing like 11 people in there - which normally in hotel gyms I’m with just a few people, or even by myself. And, I was super excited to see that the Peloton was not taken and I got to ride immediately!

I hopped on the...

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Your business can be an emotional rollercoaster (oh yes it can!)



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Starting & building your own business can be an emotional rollercoaster.

You think of your business idea and it feels amazing...then you realize there is work to be done to bring your vision to reality.

Then you start trying to plan everything and get excited about having something to sell, but you get stressed when you have to spend money to get things done.

You then open for business and it is the most wonderful feeling in the world - full of hope and excitement for what is to come! But then reality sets in that you have to market this business or no one will know about you.

But even with things like this, owning your own business is such a personally rewarding experience! When you get to impact your clients, it truly gives you a feeling like no other.

I know your business must mean so much to you - as mine have meant the world to me!

So, make sure you are taking...

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How to use PINTEREST to grow your business!


Who knew that Pinterest could be such an awesome way to get FREE visibility for your business? I did not realize what a big deal it was until I met and worked with my wonderful guest Joanne Wetzel of Pin Savvy Co!

Go ahead and print this FREE Pinterest checklist to have out on your desk + learn from Joanne's FREE 20-minute video Pinterest Masterclass! You'll get links for both in the email and you can then properly setup your business account with Pinterest immediately!

And when you are ready to catapult your business visibility with Pinterest, you can take her Pin Proficient Course that I have taken! Yes, I have gone through it and use it as my Pinterest Bible LOL :) I have been known to split screen and have Pinterest up on left and her course on right while doing all my homework and setting up my pins and boards. She is super easy to follow, very helpful and you will not only enjoy the course, but get a TON out of it and be able to move forward with your Pinterest...

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The 3 things you should never get sucked into as a business owner!


Today I have to give you a little tough love. I care so much about the success of your business and don't want you to get sucked into things that distract you from your mission! Take some minutes, really soak in what I'm saying to you today, and go forth building this business you love!

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Free yourself from business rules! - with Mary Hodges



Today I have a frank and deep talk with Mary Hodges of Abundantly Being

about how we all seem to think that we need to run and market our businesses like everyone else - and we don't.

It's time to question the rules and step back! Take some time to really decide what is authentic to you and create a plan around that.

In addition, we are so distracted that we aren't leaving time for creativity and real productive time to build our businesses authentically.

I'm so excited for you to hear the talk - and let me know if you agree! ___________________________________________________________________________


Abundantly Being with guest Mary Hodges- http://www.abundantlybeing.com - a community of women business owners rethinking the rules and living with more purpose.

Attn Ladies: I have a PRIVATE Facebook Group just for you! Yes, it's for small business starters & owners just like you trying to run your...

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Easy Business Strategy - Plan Yours Today!


Today I'll be talking about your big-picture business strategy for this year! Yes, it's time to have a plan so you can focus on the right things - so I have even included a printable, easy strategy plan you can start on today.

No, you don't have to spend days figuring it out. My guess is you ALREADY know the big initiatives you should be putting in place today. I'm just helping you get them on paper so you have a COMPASS for the year, and don't get distracted by the 80 million other things pulling at your attention. And, this will make you list out your "HOW's" - meaning, how you are going to go about working on those goals & initiatives. Again, this isn't complicated - but it's necessary.

Take a few minutes to help yourself + hear a personal story + and learn what business strategies I'm putting in place for this year.


PRINTABLE MENTIONED IN EPISODE: Here is the simple business strategy printable that will help you create your simple plan that will be...

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2020 Business Statistics & Trends You Need to Know!


Oh yes, it's 2020 and we need to know the state of small business and entrepreneurship ...and trends to expect to see more of!

I'm so happy to say that this is such a fabulous time to be building a business! There are so many tools, so many ways to communicate with potential clients and so many ways to educate yourself as an owner!


Here are some stats I mentioned:

582 million entrepreneurs in the world33% of entrepreneurs ONLY have a high school diploma9% of entrepreneurs have a business degree from a college3% have a masters or PhDMiddle-aged men have the most successful businesses. But women-owned businesses are up 114% way outpacing the growth rate of businesses in general which is 44%. The business failure rate has declined by 30% since 1977 - wahoo!

Then I review the top business trends of 2020:

1 - User Reviews 2 - Ecommerce 3 - Personalized Customers Service 4 - Social & Email are still the best ways to communicate with customers 5 - Small business owners...

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Your #1 Business Strategy for 2020, 2021, 2022 and beyond!


Oh yes,  2020 is here and it's time to think about the future of your business! With so many other businesses out there, how is your service or product going to stand out? What are you doing to be different?

On today's episode, I give you an EASY answer to the question: What is the #1 thing that will set my business apart in 2020 - and beyond!?

I'm so excited for you to hear and start thinking about how you are going to build a more profitable business this year!

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Change your perspective, change your experience, change everything!

Are you a back-row person? Meaning, when you go to church, a class, event, seminar, where do you sit? I guess a better question would be: Where do you choose to sit? 

Check out this funny diagram of where people sit - and what they are subconsciously saying by choosing those seats. It will make you laugh!

(I immediately pinned my husband's seat because, of course, I had to point fingers at someone else first LOL. )

In this quick I episode I describe where I sat at church one day, which was different than where I normally sat. And it changed my experience completely. 

I want you to consider where YOU normally sit in life, and business. Are you experiencing all there is to experience? Are you focused? Are you connected? Are you truly learning, enjoying & growing from your experiences?

Take time to listen to this episode...I believe it will make you take pause, and think.

I hope you will stop yourself today and tell your self to move up. Move forward. Get to the...

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Old School Business Principles that WORK with Michelle Stinson!


You can't afford to miss this episode! I have on the show today Michelle Stinson, Owner of Impression Edge out of Lakeway, Texas. She gives us some FANTASTIC information- pretty much a wake-up call for all of us! Yes, you can build a business the old fashioned way: through networking, hard work & taking care of your customers. How does she know? Because she took her business from $0 to multi-million dollar business - and you can too!

Impression Edge sells promotional products to other businesses. What are promotional products? They are any type of items that has a company's branding or identity on it. It could be anything from t-shirts to pens to snow-globes to tote bags. It's a super fun industry - but also competitive. They sell to all kinds of companies around the globe including casinos, tech companies, and more! Michelle & her team have built their business on solid customer relationships and I'm so excited for you to hear all she has done!

She explains how she...

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