Are you ambitious, or actually COMMITTED?


Many people describe themselves as ambitious, in fact my own husband has described me this way. However, after thinking this through, I would rather be considered committed instead of ambitious. Why? Because ambition sometimes doesn't have action associated with it or an actual mission behind it.

When you are committed, you are in it. You are doing everything it takes - for YOUR specific goals. You aren't just sitting around dreaming and stating that you want to do this or that. When you are committed, you are doing the things to move forward and make it happen.

Now, being committed doesn't mean that you want to have a billion-dollar business. It could mean you are committed to working enough to make $500/month, or $5000/month, or whatever it is. This simply means you are committed to taking steps, taking action and doing the things that need to be done. You aren't just sitting around saying you want this or that, you are actually doing the work.

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Your business, your way!


I'm so excited about today's guest, Nicole Brooks....and yes, she's my sister. She is one amazing woman that I so proud to introduce you to!

Ever since Nicole was young, she said she wanted to be an actress - and sure enough, she did it! I have lived vicariously through her over past years as she is an actress and has had the fun of working with what we all call "famous people" - and I have even gotten to visit her on sets when it was all happening. She was on the sitcom Hope & Faith (with Kelly Rippa), CSI, One On One, Pasadena, the Hallmark movie "Undercover Bridesmaid" - and has even done live plays. It has been so fascinating watching someone with a dream turn it into reality!

In addition, Nicole is an entrepreneur. Yes, she started her own business designing meaningful jewelry. Her online store is Naomi Gray Designs - and you can see all of her thoughtful, stylish and gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and more. Her pieces are absolutely gorgeous - I own many pieces -...

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Nine Sweet & Sour Truths About Running Your Own Business!


Sometimes we need to just keep it real. Today I'm giving you 9 things I've learned about business and yes, they are awesome things about it - but I also give the flipside. I hope you enjoy these ...and curious, do you agree too?

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Finally start your business - 16 steps to get going asap!

start your business Nov 22, 2019

I talk to so many women who dream of starting their own business, but they never actually start. I get so sad - because I look at them and thing: these simple steps are holding you back simply because you say "I'm not good at the business stuff." or "I just don't have a clue how to start."

In addition, many women I meet are SO TALENTED and have such a needed service or product that they don't end up sharing with the world, only because they can't get going. Well, now this got real. The list is here. I'm handing it to you. And, I can't wait for you to get started!

Note: There will be more things to do specific for your business. However, you can get going and actually start selling if you are ready, once you work through these steps. This is for all of you wanting to have a business on the side, most likely home-based, and is not really for realtors, stores, restaurants, spas, etc. I'm so excited for you to finally get rolling!

You can download the 16 Steps to Start Your...

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Rethink your lemonade stand - a simple business lesson


Most people are familiar with lemonade stands. Maybe you ran one as a child or maybe you have recently purchased from a kid's lemonade stand. I wanted to take this time to think about your business - whether you have started yours or are currently running one now - and get back to the basics of what your business should truly be doing.

You get to hear my story about my lemonade stand I ran as a child and how it can help you run your business from the perspective of the basics. Let's stop all the insanity of having this perfectly tricked-out business with every bell and whistle, and pause for a moment to reflect and make sure we are doing the essentials right!

Here are 7 things you better make sure you have established for your business:

  1. Your product/service is actually needed. There is a demand for it.

  2. Location. Location. Location.

  3. It's priced right.

  4. It's easy to understand.

  5. Get your marketing right - word-of-mouth works great, don't forget.

  6. Create an emotional...

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Know your business strengths - and here's how!


Knowing your strengths is a crucial foundation for your business. It affects what tasks you personally perform each day, who you hire, how you “sell”, how you work with others, and many more reasons! Your strengths actually make up 1 of the 4 pillars that are the true foundation of your business (as discussed in Episode 1 about knowing your true business purpose.)

In this episode, I have Lindsay Preston as a guest discussing Solidifying Your Strengths. She is a life coach, podcast host, and even has her own course you can take to find your strengths. In addition, she helps women with mindset and relationships. She's fabulous! The info Lindsay provides will surely be valuable for business and life.

In addition, she has a crazy situation that happened to her years ago, which actually helped spur her desire to become a life coach. She found out her husband was living a double life. UGGHHHH. You can hear about it and how she overcame it. 

I actually took her...

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Compare your business, but not often!

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2019



We are taught not to compare ourselves to others, but in this episode, I explain that YES, you need to compare your business to your competition...but only periodically.

Here's the link for the basic spreadsheet I mentioned:

Just know, you need to know what your competitors are doing. Why? So you can be different and stand out. You can step up your game. You can offer the best product or service that only YOU can offer. People will want what you have, you just need to set yourself apart!

Study what they do right and wrong. Know where they are weak. Know how their customers perceive this. What do they sell? How do they price?

Remember: If there was no competition, none of the things we buy or the services we use would be at their best. The competition truly makes you and your business better!

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Do you know your true business purpose, AKA Ikigai?

start your business Oct 31, 2019


Discovering your true business purpose is the CRUCIAL foundation of your business, also known as IKIGAI. I only found out about this tool a few months ago and wish I had found it sooner. It is awesome and it is something YOU MUST do for your business if you haven’t already.

Download my FREE IKIGAI Diagram & Guide Here!

Knowing your true business purpose will enable you to create the four purpose pillars for your business:

  1. Vision Statement

  2. Mission Statement

  3. Customer Promise

  4. Establish goals/milestones.

You MUST have these so you can know how to brand, how to message, what products to sell, how to price your products, when/where to market, and about a million other reasons. 

This episode explains it all - and I'm also giving away my FREE Ikigai guide! Yes, you will get your very own IKIGAI diagram and can finally map out your true business purpose!

That's it for today & hope you gained some valuable takeaways!

Also, I...

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