Are you operating your business out of a scarcity or ABUNDANCE mindset?


Have you ever thought about whether you have a scarcity or abundance mindset when it comes to your business? Are you operating out of fear or optimism? I had never really thought this through and realized that sometimes I even was working with a scarcity mindset...and I want to turn that into a mindset of abundance!

So what is a scarcity mindset? It is a way of living in fear. It’s fear of your business failing. Fear the market is saturated. Fear that you won’t make money. Fear that you don’t have what it takes to build a thriving business. Fear of the way you love. Fear that you don’t know enough. Fear of taking any risks.

As you can see, this is stifling you. This is slowing you down. This is doing you NO GOOD.

What would an abundant mindset look like? Feeling secure in who you are. Realizing there is enough to go around. Keep focussed on your mission. Realizing that you have something special that only YOU can offer the world.

I give you 5 tips...

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The VERY FIRST STEPS to creating a digital product or online course!


Are you looking to create your first course or digital product? But, are you confused about where to even begin?

Get the FREE worksheets HERE to start working through your course ideas!

This episode gives you those very early, beginning steps to thinking through what you could offer. There has never been a better time than now to get your very own course online and selling!

Here are the 3 first steps you need to take:

  1. Figure out the direction of your course - the topic, the problem you are solving & your target market.

  2. Outline your course - what is the order you want to teach it in?

  3. Think through how you want to deliver it? Videos? E-Book? Worksheets?

There is so much money to be made in sharing your knowledge with the world and am so excited you are starting this journey!

‍Need some quick help to get your course started? Don’t waste time trying to figure this out - I’m telling you, it can be SOOOOO overwhelming & confusing. Book an...

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What you are WILLING to do is what matters in life & business!


I heard a great saying the other day - and it hit me like a brick:
"You can't have what you aren't willing to become." Wow. Think about that for a minute. Think about it in terms of your life - AND business.

In today's episode, I share how you can create boundaries & parameters for what you are and aren't willing to do - because it matters big-time.

Let me repeat the saying again: “You can’t have what you aren’t willing to become.” Let it sink in….

It made me reflect on my process of seriously considering opening a facial spa in my town. After working through everything with the consultant…I soon realized what I WAS NOT willing to sacrifice to have that business.

  1. I was not willing to risk all the money in a town that had many awesome businesses go out of business.

  2. I was not willing to work 6 days a week until 7pm since 2 of my 3 kids are still home.

  3. I was not willing to do ALL of that considering I am not the breadwinner of the...

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How to use PINTEREST to grow your business!


Who knew that Pinterest could be such an awesome way to get FREE visibility for your business? I did not realize what a big deal it was until I met and worked with my wonderful guest Joanne Wetzel of Pin Savvy Co!

Go ahead and print this FREE Pinterest checklist to have out on your desk + learn from Joanne's FREE 20-minute video Pinterest Masterclass! You'll get links for both in the email and you can then properly setup your business account with Pinterest immediately!

And when you are ready to catapult your business visibility with Pinterest, you can take her Pin Proficient Course that I have taken! Yes, I have gone through it and use it as my Pinterest Bible LOL :) I have been known to split screen and have Pinterest up on left and her course on right while doing all my homework and setting up my pins and boards. She is super easy to follow, very helpful and you will not only enjoy the course, but get a TON out of it and be able to move forward with your Pinterest...

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Easy Business Strategy - Plan Yours Today!


Today I'll be talking about your big-picture business strategy for this year! Yes, it's time to have a plan so you can focus on the right things - so I have even included a printable, easy strategy plan you can start on today.

No, you don't have to spend days figuring it out. My guess is you ALREADY know the big initiatives you should be putting in place today. I'm just helping you get them on paper so you have a COMPASS for the year, and don't get distracted by the 80 million other things pulling at your attention. And, this will make you list out your "HOW's" - meaning, how you are going to go about working on those goals & initiatives. Again, this isn't complicated - but it's necessary.

Take a few minutes to help yourself + hear a personal story + and learn what business strategies I'm putting in place for this year.


PRINTABLE MENTIONED IN EPISODE: Here is the simple business strategy printable that will help you create your simple plan that will be...

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2020 Business Statistics & Trends You Need to Know!


Oh yes, it's 2020 and we need to know the state of small business and entrepreneurship ...and trends to expect to see more of!

I'm so happy to say that this is such a fabulous time to be building a business! There are so many tools, so many ways to communicate with potential clients and so many ways to educate yourself as an owner!


Here are some stats I mentioned:

582 million entrepreneurs in the world33% of entrepreneurs ONLY have a high school diploma9% of entrepreneurs have a business degree from a college3% have a masters or PhDMiddle-aged men have the most successful businesses. But women-owned businesses are up 114% way outpacing the growth rate of businesses in general which is 44%. The business failure rate has declined by 30% since 1977 - wahoo!

Then I review the top business trends of 2020:

1 - User Reviews 2 - Ecommerce 3 - Personalized Customers Service 4 - Social & Email are still the best ways to communicate with customers 5 - Small business owners...

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Your #1 Business Strategy for 2020, 2021, 2022 and beyond!


Oh yes,  2020 is here and it's time to think about the future of your business! With so many other businesses out there, how is your service or product going to stand out? What are you doing to be different?

On today's episode, I give you an EASY answer to the question: What is the #1 thing that will set my business apart in 2020 - and beyond!?

I'm so excited for you to hear and start thinking about how you are going to build a more profitable business this year!

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Are you ambitious, or actually COMMITTED?


Many people describe themselves as ambitious, in fact my own husband has described me this way. However, after thinking this through, I would rather be considered committed instead of ambitious. Why? Because ambition sometimes doesn't have action associated with it or an actual mission behind it.

When you are committed, you are in it. You are doing everything it takes - for YOUR specific goals. You aren't just sitting around dreaming and stating that you want to do this or that. When you are committed, you are doing the things to move forward and make it happen.

Now, being committed doesn't mean that you want to have a billion-dollar business. It could mean you are committed to working enough to make $500/month, or $5000/month, or whatever it is. This simply means you are committed to taking steps, taking action and doing the things that need to be done. You aren't just sitting around saying you want this or that, you are actually doing the work.

Get your pretty free...

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Nine Sweet & Sour Truths About Running Your Own Business!


Sometimes we need to just keep it real. Today I'm giving you 9 things I've learned about business and yes, they are awesome things about it - but I also give the flipside. I hope you enjoy these ...and curious, do you agree too?

*Needing more advice and support for your business journey? Make sure you GET IN THE LOOP so you are not left in the dark!

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