Episode 48: Social media strategies when starting out - with Syndey Chakalos


In today's episode, Sydney Chakalos and I talk about SOCIAL MEDIA!

Yes, so many of you are struggling with how to get going - and how to get exposure for your business in an authentic way.

We discuss WHY social media is a great tool for your business, how to have the proper mindset when posting on social, how to be authentic, and how to take those first steps so you can build a legit following.

Sydney gives tons of great advice, so make sure you listen all the way through to the end!

Here is her info in case you want to check Sydney out & see if she could help you with your social strategy!

Sydney Chakalos, Marathon Marketing Branding
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/marathonmarketingbranding/


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EPISODE 45: 9 SMALL Pivots That Make BIG Differences In Your Business!


Should you be pivoting your business or even simply SHIFTING some things to make more money? Today I share 9 ways you can pivot in small ways that can make a big difference in your business. PLUS I share HOW you can pivot your business!



New Business Owner? Then check these out:

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EPISODE 43: Shifting from OLD School to NEW School Business Principles - with Michelle Stinson. (Yes, she's back!)

Remember Michelle Stinson with Impression Edge - my guest on Episode 9? She shared with us "Old School Business Principles That Work" and it was so much fun. Did you know it is my #2 most listened to episode ever? Oh yes, it is just behind my very first Episode 1 and that is why I'm so excited to have her back and share how things have changed in just 9 short months since we last chatted.

Today she is sharing how Covid-19 has given her the opportunity to do the things in her business she had always been wanting to do: get her business online, market through email and social media, and most importantly be able to finally now give back to her favorite charity: The Livestrong Foundation.

Episode 9 - Old School Business Principles That Work!
Episode 40 - Get your email list going! Yes, you heard Michelle say she had to finally do this herself...if you haven't begun yours, now is the...

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Episode 40: 3 Truths about starting your email list - and building it!


Are you just starting & building your email list? Just trying to get your email list going? Yes, it can be hard in the beginning. But please know - this is one of the best business assets you have! Today I share 3 hard truths about starting & building your email list and what you need to be doing!

Referenced in this episode:

Email apps when you are just getting started:
Flodesk - MY FAVORITE! Gorgeous templates love their style, easy to use! You get 50% off your subscription when you use my link here so instead of $39 a month, it's only $19!
Mailchimp - free in beginning!
Mailerlite - free in the beginning

I currently use an all-in-one program for my website, workshops, email list, landing pages, etc - and it is KAJABI. I absolutely love it - it is expensive...but it has simplified my whole business and saved me HOURS each week trying to work between multiple software apps. Kajabi has been a life-saver! Here is a 28-day trial so you can test it out! (Their website only...

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EPISODE 38: It's your time to come out of the CLOSET - your business closet that is!



Yes, it's your time to finally come out of the closet - your BUSINESS closet that is! No more hiding behind things in your business...it's time to face the facts of your business and be YOU!

In this fun episode, I also shared some links  - and here they are as promised!

Episode 37 - Stop Complicating things - 3 Ways to simplify your online business!
Quickbooks Online - Yes, my favorite tool for keeping track of books.
Capital One credit cards & bank - I have been very happy & love the point on the Capital one CC!

New business owner - or dreaming of starting yours?

Other important software I use:


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EPISODE 35: 5 Mistakes I see new online business owners make!

Are you just starting your business? Are you building a business online? Then you need to hear these 5 mistakes that many new online business owners make - that you can learn from, AND NOT MAKE!

New business owner - or dreaming of starting yours?

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